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Use code WELCOME for 10% off your first order. Plus, get FREE shipping on all orders $49+!
Use code WELCOME for 10% off your first order. Plus, get FREE shipping on all orders $49+!

18pc Smile Direct Dissolve White Strips

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Current price $24.00

Smile Direct Club's Fast-Dissolving Whitening Strips make all your worries about strips disappear. These convenient, easy, and safe strips are designed for busy people who want results fast and without the messiness of traditional (non-dissolving) strips. They’re also ideal for those who like whitening but suffer from painful sensitivity caused by other longer wear strips. And they can even be worn at bedtime while sleeping. Fast-dissolving Whitening Strips have a short wear time – just once a day for about 15-20 minutes (until the strip fully dissolves). This is 2x faster than the leading Whitestrip. Over the course of 1 complete treatment (7 days), these strips can whiten teeth up to 9 shades. Fast-dissolving Whitening Strips are so easy and convenient, you just set ‘em and forget ‘em. There's no timer to set. No messy strip removal. Simply whiten once a day anywhere, anytime – even while you sleep. These ultra-convenient strips safely dissolve in about 15 minutes and leave your teeth up to 9 shades whiter in 1 week.1 At last, a fast, easy, safe whitening solution is now available in a dissolving strip. Fast-dissolving Whitening Strips are available in 2 pack sizes – 1 complete treatment and 2 complete treatments. Both sizes come with 4 bonus strips to touch-up your whitening whenever you like.Brighten your teeth anytime, anywhere with SmileDirectClub’s biggest  touch-up pen. This 2.5ml pen contains 75% more gel than our standard pens. Take it with you to keep your smile its brightest anytime, anywhere. Its patent-pending Bright Boost formula maximizes results with low to no sensitivity, for the same results as the pros, at just a fraction of the cost.

Bright on premium teeth whitening from SmileDirectClub is fast and easy to use, too. Perfect for touch-ups on the go. Just wear it just 5 minutes, twice daily. Our no-mess brush applicator keeps gel off your hands and on your teeth, where it starts working right away, removing tough stains like coffee, red wine and tea. Refreshing cool mint flavor. Vegan and gluten-free, too.

Boost your bright with our 20-LED accelerator light, sold separately. It works with your smartphone so it’s hands-free and portable. Compatible with iPhone & Android devices.

  • Up to 5 shades whiter in 3 days.1
  • 75% more gel than our standard pen.
  • Patent-pending Bright Boost formula maximizes results without sensitivity.